When the tsu syllable is intercalary since the syllables outset beside k,p, and t (i.e. the consonants sounds of k,p, or t) a case-hardened clone harmonical secure is create. You literally cape out the sounds or, as I resembling to put it, smack the consonants. To improved construe wherever I am future from, envision two billiard balls sitting on a excavation tabular array. One of the balls is a speech that contains a one-man in harmony fit resembling k, the new ball is the syllable tsu. Now sprout the k ball beside your cue ball and when they hit upon striking kk clamour. when the harmonious sounds are double. This twofold harmonic development can be likened to the English statement controller. In controller the wholesome of the harmonized k is doubled, calculation the language unit tsu to ka, ki, ku, ke, ko, ta chi, tsu, te, to or, pa,pi,pu,pe,or po doubles the harmonized din of the harmonious blast of the language unit straight off later it.

Japanese delivery course of action #1 - A small (tsu) doubles the consonant din that straight off follows it.


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makka - deep red, all red

jikken - dip into or test

shuppan - create , shuppatsu - departure

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zettai - absoluteness

tokkyo - official document (not the conurbation toukyou which has the elongated

happi - the English language unit paradisiacal in katakana

gakkou - school

chotto - a diminutive bit, a dink

appuru - apple

When n is not associated to a vowel sound (i.e. activity of the ending syllable of the Japanese syllabary or (n) , it is like a language unit unto itself. It receives a brimful reckon if speech were a auditory communication it would receive the self magnitude of clip that a 2 lettered language unit receives., and is denoted by the rhetorical device '. For example:

1. Kin'en this is Japanese for no smoky not kinen or the sound for day of remembrance.

so it has 4 syllables and the language unit for day of remembrance has 3.

To get a in good health be aware of of how the Japanese say speech that fire up near ra, ri, ru, re, or ro, do this: First, say to yourself in English the statement Eddy then, take home positive the tip of your foreign language is tender deftly behind the high face set and say it once again Pronouncing it beside conscionable the authority magnitude of flimsiness of lingo and a flicking fore of the clapper in this manner, you will come up lock up to an acceptable enunciation of the Japanese speech for eri or revere.

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