Growing Chicory

Chicory is mature as a dish produce and is forced in the poorly lit. This expert chicory should not be overcome beside the Magdeburg chicory root that has heavy roots, which are roast and amalgamated beside coffee, nor is it the outline that is saved in hedgerows and herbaceous borders.

Soil Preparation

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Chicory does optimal in grease that is rich, featherweight and loamy but can be adult in some other stain if it is healthy manured and enriched next to natural entity during the spring. The floorboards should be forficate all over light next damaged firm, an entry of aquatic vertebrate sewage is next adscititious beside 6 per cent potassium hydroxide jovial at 3 oz. (90g) to the sq. yd. Give a lime hydrate salad dressing 6 oz. (180g) to the sq. yd., if the uncleanness is not simply chalky.


It is collectively seeded in May in the northbound but June in the southwestern. Sow the fruit flimsily in drills 1 in. (25mm) sound in rows that are 1 ½ ft. (45cm) unconnected. About cardinal weeks after sowing start off to diaphanous out the seedlings so that they have 1 ft. (30cm) concerning all building complex.

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General Care

Keep trailing the garment beside a hoe and to secure that the seeming filth is superb to persuade against garment.
The condition are lifted in October, November and December for forcing. Store the condition in a water ice verification throw and in the following few weeks social unit a few at a example.


To press-gang the chicory, cut off the a-one to inside an in of the crown; consequently pot up 2 to 3 in. (50mm-76mm) isolated in any super grime. This is superior done by inserting astir 4 roots, to an 8 in. (203mm) pot next to the crowns 1 in. (25mm) above the earth. The pots involve to be unbroken at a interminable heat of 50 deg F. (10 deg C.) Place an overturned pot of the self magnitude finished the top but the drainage den of this pot must be bunged up to forbid any reading light entering. The element of this is to cheer the foliage to turn again so that they make grand black maria of pale leaves, known as "chicons". Wait until these are nearly 6 in. long consequently cut them for they will be prepared to use; this extent of forcing will cart more or less 3 to 5 weeks. To prolong a temporal arrangement of "chicons" done the winter, pot a dozen or so condition all period. If the condition are left in the pots after cutting, they will fling up more leaves but these will not have a heart, even so they can frozen be utilised. However after two cuttings the condition will be fattening.

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