We repeatedly advance so a great deal instance thinking active our technical hitches and frustrations that we don't immersion fully on our successes. There is noticeably to be gained by centering on successes. Focusing on your occurrence increases your cheery spirit and strengthens you as you embezzle on new challenges. You acquire roughly speaking your creative strengths and contributions. Noticing what has worked for you will lend a hand you to purposely keep alive doing more of the same in the coming yr. As you contemplate more or less your successes, believe your all aspects of your energy.

Consider your dealings. Which bonds have you strengthened? What new friendships have developed for you complete the former year? Which contact brought you the best joy this year? How did you reinforcement your admired ones during awkward times? In what way have you taken for granted others for their personal contributions? What course have you learned from your relationships?

Consider your religious time. How have you big spiritually all over the past year? What new insights have you gained? In what distance have you correlated with your high power? What magic practices have you enforced complete the above year? How did you stretch yourself ancient history your solace geographic region in exploring your spirituality?

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Consider your financial existence. What stairs did you yield this period of time to shape financial security? What steps did you lift toward business freedom? In what ways did you save, invest, and devote business unvaryingly near your values? What did you swot just about your tie near capital this year?

Consider your sensual surroundings, community, and your environment. How did you add to your somatic atmosphere this year? What did you do to rearrange the encouragement of your home? What did you do to share to the transformation of your community? How did you return concern of your environment? What did you acquire around yourself in fraction to your syndicate and your environment?

Consider your well-being. What way did you appropriate this period to reorganize your health? What new hearty customs have you incorporated in your life? What have you bookish almost yourself that will aid you to add more than nutritious conduct in the forthcoming year? How did you deal with accent in a complimentary way?

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Consider fun and entertainment. What endeavours brought you the best gratification this year? What new skills did you acquire? How did you shop your go to secure you had sufficient case for fun and recreation? What curriculum did you larn spell having fun?

Consider your occupation. What were your achievements and accomplishments finished the chronological year? In what distance did you provoke yourself in your career? What new skills did you acquire? How did you voice your values through your work?

Now that you have reasoned your glory in all aspects of your life, copy on what you have widely read nearly yourself. Consider how you can issue these lessons send on into the approaching period of time. Perhaps you noticed areas of enthusiasm that you have resolute on less than other areas of your energy. You may deprivation to resist yourself to focus more intently on those areas in the forthcoming period of time.



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