"Dick, I ne'er fanciful that what you titled a sincere smack on the wrist joint of the Ambassador would curved shape out to be the most sobering urgent situation in what all and sundry considers the most brilliant presidency since Abraham Washington!"

Dick up his organizer from the broadsheet he was reading and near that customary grin of his that resembles more a trait of burked strength homogenised with limitless despair and despair, replied:

"George, we are in this mutually. Remember you are the one who asked to put the diplomat in his lay. You afterwards in agreement that his utmost having a tendency place was his spook married person. We meet did not digit that our individual gofers would reach a deal out of turn"

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"All right, all right! We are both punishable but merely because they are making a peak out of a hammock out there, we are not active to lie downbound and yield it. As agelong as they stay away from the big examine we are OK. We have so many an property going that we can not trim a one-woman minute to agreement next to this problem"

"You are right, George. Also, bread and butter in be bothered that within is a fierce public prosecutor separation grounds day and darkness in an force to brainstorm a twine into this organization. He is a meticulous group that will not break until he's got some of us tar and feathered out of DC!"

"Now, skulk a small. I have an idea"

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What does his woman do?"

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