Spirituality reports is central on the themes of love, spirituality, relationship and the everlasting grill of "Who Are You?

Poets and sages, philosophers and scientists, commoners and kings have all asked the same interview since the daybreak of instance. "Who Am I?"

Spirituality statistics asks, "Do you know who you genuinely are?"

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We on stage in a relative creation wherever we are able to describe what something is by examination it to thing that it is not. A car is not a stool. A gnawer is not an elephant. A quality is not a telephone. And, of course, you are not me. At least not on the animal level of the relative.

This idea of einstein's theory of relativity allows us to outline and description record of the celebrated world but ne'er genuinely comes stop to describing "who you truly are." the principle for this is very unsophisticated. You are substantially much than a physical organic structure. Describing your quality thing is glib. If you were of late your human article you could be identified as the organism with the long-lasting flaxen hair, or the person with the barefaced skipper. These are material traits and they are cog of your environmental make-up but most ancestors would agree that they are only descriptions of your organic structure but they don't statement the inquiry of "Who are you?"

These environmental descriptions don't income into explanation the non-physical constituent of you resembling your person or your memoirs or your aspirations. These are the non-physical aspects of you that go such deeper into explanation the unadulterated you but they don't all-out the equation either.

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You are not your physical structure.

There is more to you than your corporeal body that travels this mud and experiences all of the breathtaking holding that move into your vivacity through your thoughts, voice communication and deeds.

There is more to you than your non-physical self that makes up your self and allows you to advisement the philosophy you think, have your recall of erstwhile experiences and allows your creativity to activity towards your own demanding desires.

The equation is total when you add in the psyche cog of your being. This is the meta-physical chunk of you that is your joint to "Source Energy". It is the storage of the entirety of you. It is the you until that time this material comprise of you existed and it is the you after this geological fashion is no more. It is the never-ending and unlimited outlook in you that connects you to the eternal and never-ending method of enthusiasm.

Body, Mind and Spirit

Who you really are is a three-part man ready-made up of your somatogenic body, your non-physical noesis and your meta-physical spirit. You are a body, mind, real meaning self and in the last sincerity of you, you are sempiternal and permanent.

Isn't that liberating? To cognise that you are unlimited and eternal? To cognise that you ne'er really die? You merely tuning type to go on to your next building. Use this awareness of your actual make-up to engender this in progress life situation one of Joy, Peace and Love.

This is your genuine personality. Who you truly are is worship. And not retributive love, but Unconditional Love. Your fountainhead is "Unconditional Love". You are one beside your cause and you are "Unconditional Love'. You are here in this labour-intensive cosmos beside one mission, to go through Unconditional Love in all of its several perspectives.

Every go through in your life span fulfills that schedule. When you realize this hypothesis unreservedly you will statesman to know, in this underway reality, "Who You Really Are."

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