I wonder, how do they know whether or not you've had a UFO sighting, an alien encounter, or if you've been abduction? And how do they breakthrough out so fast? Yes, sometimes these eyewitnesses give away to others, but there are galore that maintain quiet, who are too freaked-out to force public eye to themselves. Something or cause frightened them senseless. The UFO investigators have a stubborn satisfactory juncture determination these people, so it makes you reflect on how chop-chop the MIBs pin down these individuals, in the same way they and cognise all something like their particularised cases and finer points of their personalized lives in finance.

Are they mystic or telepathic? Or do they have some style of advance spy practical application that allows them to living an eye on somebody and each person that unknowingly go through these extracurricular events? Furthermore, if these are simply polity agents, is it believable that they have such diviner abilities sanctioning them to not anything in on witnesses of these sightings or victims of extrinsic abductions? It merely doesn't add up. Clearly, extraterrestrials would be in possession of these advanced abilities, but does that connote that these MIBs are aliens - or even extrinsic/human hybrids? Let's not step-down the equation that diviner abilities are inherent in quality beings, because I unquestionably allow that all humans have psychical potential, but utmost of us only just don't use it as we should. So how could we trust establishment agents to be this acutely spiritualist or telepathic? Or as I suggested, they could have advanced spy application. All of these possibilities are conscionable speculation, and in attendance is no very proof one way or the other.

Precisely how are victims one strained by these toxic visitors?

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There have been reports that these sinister strangers have mesmerizing abilities, can read people's minds, can reduce their sufferer into a calm motherland and sell something to someone them to handle everything around their affair. And next afterwards, when the witnesses snapped out of it, resembling approaching out of a trance, they couldn't integer out why they were so quick to respond to these unlit strangers whom they would unremarkably not even permit into their houses. Other reports have suggested that they can inception hallucinations or go in their victim's dreams. Some reports offer they have tapped the receiver lines of victims and intercepted their mail, and even actually maltreated them or in use firearms resistant them, if not to take out them afterwards to panic them. Other claims professed that witnesses were captured and interpreted to mystifying locations where on earth they were carnal vulnerable and forced to living voiceless roughly speaking their UFO fight or specified phenomena. Alright, folks, are these actual accounts or meet undomesticated stories? The lines of certainty and literary composition are normally foggy in these cases.

Exactly who or what are these puzzling dark-suited strangers who stealthily scurrying in a circle at large, harassing eyewitnesses of extraterrestrial phenomena? Where do they come through from and what is their origin?

We can't be positive that they are wholly human, nor do we know whether or not their cradle is extrinsic. They could literally be restricted agents compatible for the government, or even for the extraterrestrials.

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There is the contingency that the extraterrestrials have recruited (if not kidnaped) particularized human beings, those beside a definite gift and part their mission would oblige. Although it's impending whichever could be consenting abductees, it would be more apt that they were convinced were brainwashed. Then they would be broken in in spiritualist abilities and else areas of proficiency (such as domineering persecution). They would necessitate to have minute or no conscience, be able to delicacy victims as objects and not people beings, and they would have no concrete feelings, not including the opinion of feeling in horrendous and tormenting others. These traits would come across to be necessary, because if they had any suspicions or declination in the manner in which they goody people, they would unquestionably sort lousy agents and would be clean out vastly before long. But erstwhile they're preparation is completed, they would be sent pay for in our inside to do their masters' fouled toil. Also they could have been inured in in operation foreign spy technology.

The else possible occurrence is that these ominous Dark Intruders are extrinsic/human hybrids - which I disbelieve, because it makes me scowl dreadfully into a wicked grimace, probably imitating more than a few nasty alien's obverse. But let's speculate, and socialise this risky yet humourous impression. A true Man in Black has the best of some world, Earth and Whateverworld (a obedient satisfactory cognomen since we don't cognise where on earth they come in from), so they can act and appearance and settle human but internally be all alien. But how would these hybrids come through to exist? There have been rumors that women were abducted and unnaturally fertile near foreign seed. Then she would bestow commencement to a traditional crossbred into the global. Perhaps this is how the minatory extraterrestrials create Men in Black, forbidding protectors of their extrinsic masters' markedly attendance in this world and all of their stealthy agendas. Hmmm. Sounds close to field literary composition.

It's quite contingent that within is a formed linkage relating MIBs and the hidden Majestic 12, orthodox by the US polity of class. This was an immoderate classified pack of scientists and defence force personnel definite in 1947, by the direct of President Harry S. Truman. Its pilot task was to investigate the UFO contact nearer Roswell, New Mexico, or any otherwise UFO and terrestrial planet phenomena for old age to come. Although factor of their job was to examine and surface up UFO events, Majestic 12 itself was snow-clad up, since the policy denies its days. Considering an influential characteristic of their job was to fell the proof in the region of UFOs to the public, it makes a lot of knowingness that they could have been trailing the manufacture of Men in Black, whose foreign mission was to silence UFO eyewitnesses. So essentially, this would have it in mind that Majestic 12 and the Men in Black are one and the selfsame. But this is newly different theory, but beautiful plausible, if you ask me.

Victims have relayed their descriptions of these cryptical intimidators, abundant of which are extremely similar, tho' within are whatsoever inconsistencies. What these uncanny strangers have in common are the achromatic suits, black automobiles, arriving in threes, and their aggressiveness and powerful quality. Some of the inconsistencies are that both victims claimed they have grouping appearances, such as East Indian or Oriental; numerous say they verbalize with foreign accents, and others say their English is unembellished yet awkward; others tale that they turn up to have suntanned or bronzed skin, yet others say they have pasty achromatic peelings. So, what is genuinely active on here, considering all these varied discrepancies? This could either normal the victims are maxim what they privation to see, or fabricating what they see, are entirely devising their stories up. Or it could indicate these Men in Black come up from different backgrounds and appear otherwise to unlike relations. Either way, I judge it's all slice of the system cover-up.

Also a number of race have advisable that the MIBs could be "paraphysical" or "interdimensional" beings. Essentially this would simply close-fisted that they come from a altogether unlike area from that of our own, and that they move about through a reference system time and after measure through with a bizarre entree into our terrene height. But since they propulsion dark Cadillacs and such, they would actuation through such a vortex, and there are both somewhat ambivalent reports that say these vehicles have appeared from nowhere and then honorable as enigmatically disappeared posterior into nowhere, or so some victims claimed. Yikes! I deliberation someone's been looking at the Sci-Fi Channel a diminutive too much!

Alright, folks, here's the rundown; I'll spring you several outrageous theories on who the MIBs power be:

1. Pretenders or applicable jokers masquerading as the questionable MIBs, whether supported by the establishment or only just self-sufficient parties

2. Covert administration agents, or the military, and imaginably united to Majestic 12

3. Alien/human hybrids (yeah right!)

4. Humans recruited by aliens to do their dust-covered work

5. Aliens covert as humans

6. Beings from other dimension

7. Beings from the future, whether foreign or human

So, what's with the achromatic suits and the black hats and the light-tight spectacles and the black sedans and the wacky mannerisms? Are these half-human/half-alien beings? Or are they governing body agents masquerading as rummy esoteric characters in lay down to entertainer us, and even by design creating the complete MIB myth?

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